Drop – In

You can drop into the PCLC to watch movies, work on the computer, play games, etc.  Staff will also be available to assist with anything that you may need help with ie. bills, emails, booking appointments etc.

Let’s Talk

You will receive practical information that you can use - on a variety of topics, from personal hygiene to health, safety and wellness.

Arts and Crafts

You will have an opportunity to work on a variety of arts and craft projects.  The projects will be pre-planned and all materials are provided. If you prefer to work on independent projects, you are welcome to do so.

Cards Club

Enjoy playing a variety of card games each week.  You are encouraged to bring your own card games or choose from our collection.  By participating in the cards club sessions you will be able to practice your memory skills, strategizing and following directions.


You will participate in an enhanced exercise program with a focus on whole body fitness, through circuit training.  In addition to guided workouts at the PCLC, you will have opportunities for outdoor walks and exercise in a local park once a month.  Time and location will be provided in advance to allow you to book transportation.

Train Your Brain

You will have the chance to practice a range of attention, memory and problem solving skills using games and puzzles such as Nine Man Morris, matchstick puzzles and the card game ‘99’.

Total Recall

You will improve your communication, memory and attention skills through word-based games and activities of various difficulty levels.

My Computer and I

You will work on your individual goals around learning to use the computer. You will have access to your own computer during the program time and will have your own binder dedicated to information relevant to your learning.

Cooking / Talking Nutrition

You will enhance your existing cooking skills and enable independence in meal preparation. You will work on reading and understanding the recipe, preparing ingredients, using correct tools and maintaining a clean and safe kitchen.  We will also discuss nutrition and foods that could be beneficial in your diet.

Group Trivia

This group is designed for you to play a variety of trivia games that allow you to have fun, as well as, strengthen your memory with the group as well as individually.


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