Working at PACE

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If you are looking to join an organization that is committed to delivering excellent support services to people with disabilities so they can live their lives, then we have the opportunity for you.  PACE staff are passionate about their work and share a commitment to fulfill our vision of "independence and choice- options for everyone".

PACE provides:

  • Competitive salaries and benefit package
  • A supportive, inclusive and respectful work environment.
  • A safe and healthy workplace.
  • All staff have access to PACE's Employee Assistance Program through Lifeworks, at no cost to the employee.
  • Opportunities for ongoing training and professional development.

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Meet Bola, Program Manager, Broadway Supportive Housing Program

Photo of staff member, bolaBola started his career with PACE in September 1990, starting as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and he came up through the ranks as a management trainee and is now the Program Manager at the Broadway Supportive Housing program. During his time at PACE, Bola has successfully worked at almost all supportive housing program locations.

Bola shares, “PACE is one of the sector’s most recognizable organizations in the community sector. I have no regrets as I chose PACE, and this is this is where I spend my time. I enjoy all the people around me – the staff, clients and management. We are a multicultural organization and treat each other as family - both the clients and staff.”

What lessons have you learned at PACE that influence your personal life? “Endurance and respect.”, Bola answers right away. “The job can be very challenging from frontline work to management. You have to have passion for this work and adapt to different situations. We must put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. It gives me comfort to do my job. If you don’t love this work and have the passion for it, you’re in the wrong field.”

Why do you work at PACE? What do you like most about working for PACE? Bola loves that the team has lots of long tenured team members. “We have people who have been working at PACE for many years. Everyone is so committed. I had a manager that said, she had never seen a team like this in her life, that work together so well and had such commitment.” “I would also say that PACE is the best place to live or work. It is a pleasant environment where you can say you have quality life.”

How do we make a difference in the lives of clients? “We provide quality support services to our clients. We also make every effort to accommodate our clients needs when they ask for it whether unscheduled or prearranged – we try as much as possible to meet their needs to ensure everyone lives a quality life.

In addition to his work life at PACE, Bola also has a very busy family life. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and four daughters ranging in age from 14 to 21.

Meet Anne, Independent Living Assistant, Outreach Program

Anne has been a member of the PACE Attendant Outreach team for over 23 years. She reveals that she is proud to say that “she still loves working here”. Anne shares, “I like the appreciation from the clients’ receiving services. I really enjoy helping people.” Anne was born and raised in Grenada and came to Canada in 1990. She comes from a large family of 12 children. Today her siblings are spread across the United States, Canada and Barbados. When Anne first arrived in Toronto she liked the opportunities that were available to her. She went to school for a nanny program. Anne worked full-time and continued to take classes in the evening at Bathurst Heights including the Personal Support Worker program.

Her favourite memory working at PACE Anne recalls, “I have quite a few moments but, if I must pick one it would be the time I had a client- Franca, who was Italian. Franca was receiving Meals on Wheels and she didn’t like the food. (It was because she was used to homemade Italian dishes.) I told Franca that she could teach me how to make some dishes and she did. Once Franca had her Italian dishes again, she said to me, “I feel alive again – I’m not useless.” Franca was back in control of what she had to eat and was so happy. Even today I use some of her cooking tips.” Why do you work at PACE?

What do you like most about working for PACE? “Program Management responds and is very willing to talk, listen to you and understand. Even when my daughter was going to school, they understood work life balance and made you feel at home. Another thing I really like is that you continue learning. Every year – you attend a workshop on something to help you to able to do the job better. I have friends that work with other organizations and they don’t have this.”

What lessons has your work life at PACE taught you? Anne reflects and then shares,

• “To be grateful and not judge people;

• Listen to everyone’s story first. Don’t judge them;

• Life is short and I should always be grateful;

• I’m not different and/or better;

• Treat people with dignity – treat them for who they are and how I would want to be treated

• Love and don’t judge – everybody has a story.”

Here’s what some of our staff have to say about PACE when asked,

“If PACE was a person – what words would you use to describe PACE?”

  • Inclusive
  • Diverse
  • Progressive 
  • Passionate
  • Caring