Virtual and In-Person ABI Programs and Events

A photo of a virtual attendees at a PCLC workshop

PACE is pleased to once again be offering in-person programming (with capacity limits).  We continue to offer many programs in a virtual format.  

"I really enjoy the virtual day programs. I wish I was able to join sooner. Having access to this program has brought joy. For example math club: I love math (calculus), but after my injury doing simple math was hard. Trying a workbook on my own I failed. But the program offers expert tools and support that helps with success. Something I thought I lost, with the right support I am actually relearning. Having access to this program makes so much difference, because it gives hope." - PACE Client

What you need to know - How to Register

Our day programs are held in person, at the wheel-chair accessible Paula Cassin Learning Centre, and virtually,  and offer training, recreational activities, and social support. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our clients and are created with client and staff input. Our workshop offerings vary but the most popular focus on developing computer skills, social interaction, cooking and health and wellness. The programs provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills and/or to “re-learn” and practice old skills and information impacted by the acquired brain injury (ABI).

Clients are partnered with coaches, who help define clear goals, keep them on track, and provide extra support if needed. Once a client has successfully acquired their skills, they can then apply for our Community Program to work with a coach to help them transfer those skills to their home or community.

• Our programs run Tuesday through Saturday.

• Our program sessions run approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

• Space in our programs is limited. Due to the high demand of some of our programs, we do try to give everyone an opportunity to participate.

• Participants must bring their own lunch and light snacks are provided.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Programs are open to adults 18-65, and living with a disability
  • No waiting lists for any programs
  • Program participation is FREE(unless indicated for certain activities)
  • You can register at any time - you don't have to attend the entire session
  • No limit to the number of programs that you can register for and participate in

If you have never participated before and would like to check out our programming - please call to arrange a visit at 416-7897806, extension 302 (Marsha) or extension (312) Sherri.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Virtual Day Programs - Summer 2023

View a printable version of our Summer 2023 program calendar here

Huntington Drop In Sessions

Due to COVID-19, all HD Drop In Sessions have been cancelled until further notice.

Huntington Caregivers Support Group

Due to COVID-19, all HD Drop In Sessions have been cancelled until further notice.