We have been setting the PACE in independent living since 1981!

40 Years of Progress

PACE Independent Living (PACE) first opened its doors in 1981, under the name of Participation Apartments Metro Toronto, to provide high quality client-centred assistance with activities of daily living to people with physical disabilities. PACE successfully opened the Caboto Terrace Project in 1983, followed by the Windward Project in 1987. We acquired Bathurst Prince Charles Attendant Services Project and Outreach Program in 1993 and the Bello Horizonte Project opened in 1996 which encompassed the Huntington Disease Program and Enhanced Service Needs Program.

Our reputation for high quality and client-focused service was a catalyst for growth and within 15 years, we were operating six projects in the city of Toronto. In 2001, we officially changed our name to PACE Independent Living and our organization continued to flourish and branch out. In 2005 we joined the Access to Shelters working group which was to address the issue of women with physical disabilities experiencing violent or abusive situations and the lack of accessible resources. As a result, PACE later partnered with two agencies to provide attendant services on an as needed basis to women in the shelters. The next year, we established a partnership with COTA to provide services to people with dual diagnosis of acquired brain injury and a physical disability at the Evangel Hall Project.

2008 marked a significant year in PACE’s history as we successfully completed Accreditation Canada’s Primer Survey, introduced  Client Resource Services  and launched a Wellness Program for our employees. In 2010, PACE achieved full accreditation status, a significant accomplishment for the PACE team.


  • 1981    PAMT (Participation Apartments Metro Toronto) opens the Saunders Project
  • 1982    PAMT is incorporated
  • 1983    Caboto Terrace Project opens
  • 1987    Windward Project opens
  • 1993    PAMT takes over management of Bathurst/Prince Charles Attendant Services Project and Outreach Program
  • 1996    Bello Horizonte Project opens (Huntington Disease Program and Enhanced Service needs)
  • 1997    Outreach Project expansion occurs
  • 2001    PAMT officially changes their name to “PACE Independent Living”
  • 2004    Further Attendant Outreach expansion occurs
  • 2005    PACE begins providing services in Women’s Shelters to support women with physical disabilities fleeing abusive situations
  • 2005    PACE begins providing back office support to North Yorkers for Disabled Person in Finance and Human Resources
  • 2006    PACE begins working in partnership with COTA to provide services to people with dual diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and a physical disability at the Evangel Hall Project
  • 2006    PACE begins providing back office in finance to Participation House Toronto (PHTPA)
  • 2006    PACE registers to become an accredited agency with Accreditation Canada (formerly CCHSA)
  • 2007    PACE takes over managing for the McLeod House Group Home (ceased to operate March 31, 2007) and the consumers move to the Bello Horizonte Project
  • 2008    PACE introduces Client Resource Services 
  • 2008    PACE initiates the Employee Wellness Program
  • 2008    PACE successfully completes Accreditation Canada’s Primer Survey
  • 2010    Arts Carousel integrates into PACE and Clients move to PACE’s Outreach services
  • 2010    PACE achieves full Accreditation status with Accreditation Canada
  • 2010    PACE participates in the Pilot Project for the implementation of the Provincial Common Assessment Tool (Inter Rai-CHA)
  • 2011    PACE celebrates 30 years of outstanding services!
  • 2012    Awarded Pan/Parapan housing partnership (post games) - Spring 2016
  • 2013    PACE achieves Accreditation with Commendation
  • 2014    abi Possibilities integrates into PACE
  • 2015    Clarendon service transfer is now complete
  • 2016    PACE opens new supportive housing program at PanAm site
  • 2016     Joanne Wilson retires as Executive Director
  • 2017     Laura Visser is the new Executive Director
  • 2017     PACE achieves "Exemplary" accreditation standing with Accreditation Canada 
  • 2017     Dedication of the PanAm supportive housing program as the "Joanne Wilson program"
  • 2022    PACE celebrates 40 years of service!
  • 2022    PACE again achieves "Exemplary" accreditation standing with Accreditation Canada