You will work on your individual goals around learning to use the computer. You will have access to your own computer during the program time and will have your own binder dedicated to information relevant to your learning.

You will be working on different parts of your body while participating in stretching, building muscle, improving reflexes and cardio exercises in a group, as well as working on individual fitness goals.

You will enhance your baking skills, as well as learn new skills in the kitchen. The focus is on making pastries and desserts. We will also discuss options for making lighter versions of snacks and dessert.  You will enjoy the goodies together afterwards and take any leftovers home.

You will have a chance to grow your own herbs, vegetables and flowers.  You will choose what you'd like to plant and then watch it bloom and grow!  We will also discuss tips and tricks for growing different types of plants. 

You can drop into the PCLC to watch movies, work on the computer, play games, etc.  Staff will also be available to assist with anything that you may need help with ie. bills, emails, booking appointments etc.