Client Resource Services

Client Resources

What are Client Resource Services? 

PACE provides information, resources and support to help you achieve your own life goals.  The support provided is practical help which can include system navigation and education. Staff meet with Clients in their home or in the community, wherever necessary to provide support.

If you have any specific questions related to how to apply for attendant services, please visit our Apply for Services section.

How do our services work?

We will talk with you about your situation, create a plan, gather the resources we need, and take action.  We will work with you through the entire process or as much of it as you want or need.

We also listen to your ideas and sponsor programs or events based on common interests and priorities.

Who can call? 

We’re open to assisting any PACE Client and some of our programs/events are open to the larger community.

How long does it take? 

It can be one phone call, a series of workshops, or a long-term personal project.  It’s up to you!

Contact us...

Sue Cockburn                       
416-789-7806 ext. 240