COVID-19 Resources for Clients and Families

It is important that you and the members of your household have information about Covid-19.  PACE is sharing some relevant resources that are related to information we have provided during the pandemic and we hope will be a helpful refresher. Please be advised that if you have a paper copy of the information it may become outdated – the best way to access up to date information is through the internet links we have provided.

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19 

How to wear a mask while care providers are in the home.

Hand Hygiene Practices - how to perform it effectively, it's role in COVID-19 prevention and it's importance prior to putting on, or after removing/touching your mask.  Additional Hand Hygiene Resources.

How to care for someone in the home with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

How to self-isolate, or quarantine, if required.

COVID 19 Vaccination - What does it mean to be Vaccinated?