Acquired Brain Injury Supportive Housing

The Edwards Manor project is our Supportive Housing project for adults living with the effects of an acquired brain injury (ABI).  This is an integrated community apartment complex in south Etobicoke where PACE provides 24-hour support to these individuals living in their own studio apartment.  The minimum age requirement is 59 years old, as required by the landlord, Toronto Community Housing.

Support services include personal, general and wellness assistance.  Specific to ABI support, enhanced services are provided that are customized to address individual life skill, cognitive and behavioural needs.

We work with each individual to set goals that determine the scope of the individual supports to be provided.  Individuals learn or relearn ways to live independently again.

Eligible Candidates:

  • Are 59 years of age or older;
  • Have a mild/moderate acquired brain injury (must provide medical documentation confirming diagnosis);
  • Are able to work on long-terms goals and make a commitment to the program;
  • Do not present a harm to themselves or others;
  • Are able to interact safely when out in the community.

How to access our program:

An application to PACE for services can be made through the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network.  The Toronto ABI Network offers a single point referral service to publicly funded member agencies including hospital-based brain injury rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, and community-based services in Toronto.  Any individual can apply for our ABI Supportive Housing program directly.  Any caregiver or professional can make a referral to PACE’s ABI Supportive Housing program through the Toronto ABI Network.

For more information about our ABI Supportive Housing program:

Contact Jackie Wilson, Program Manager

416-789-7806 ext. 314