Gabriella Carafa


Gabriella Carafa MSW RSW PMH-C is a social worker who is certified in perinatal mental health. Gabriella also has a certificate in rehabilitation services, and has over seven years combined experience working with individuals with disabilities and complex medical conditions as well as supporting individuals in the perinatal period. Gabriella works as a perinatal social worker in acute care settings and as a transition strategy team lead in paediatric rehabilitation. Gabriella also has a private practice working with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples in her private practice. She has a special interest in parenthood for individuals with disabilities including physical, intellectual, learning and/or episodic disabilities and has her own lived experience of disability. Gabriella is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience by providing content interviews, professional workshops, creating invited blog content, and leading healthcare and social services training opportunities. Gabriella brings a diverse, unique, passionate and vibrant voice to the realities and intersections of mental health, ability & the perinatal experience.