ABI Community Program

Following the assessment process, recommendations, and a plan for specific individualized service needs and goals are developed.  Depending on the goals that have been established, the length of the program could be 6-12 weeks long.  Further assessments may be conducted on an as-needed basis.  Service is provided in the home or community once or twice a week (depending on the needs).

Coaches assist Clients to set their individual goals.  Goal areas could include:

  • money management and budgeting;
  • activities of household management, such as grocery shopping and meal planning;
  • community orientation, travel training and access to community resources;
  • time management and scheduling;
  • improving communication;
  • emotional and motivational support;
  • education or employment

We work to assist individuals in the development of their personal support network and to be able to access the community and for them to broaden their community involvement.

Eligible Candidates:

  • Are 18 years of age or older;
  • Have a mild/moderate acquired brain injury (must provide medical documentation confirming diagnosis);
  • Are able to work on short-terms goals and make a commitment to the program;
  • Do not present a harm to themselves or others;
  • Are able to interact safely when out in the community.

How to access our program:

An application to PACE for services can be made through the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network.  The Toronto ABI Network offers a single point referral service to publicly funded member agencies including hospital-based brain injury rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, and community-based services in Toronto.  Any individual can apply for our ABI Community program directly.  Any caregiver or professional can make a referral to PACE’s ABI Community program through the Toronto ABI Network.

Phone: 416-597-3057

Fax: 416-597-7021

E-mail: info@abinetwork.ca




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